Reputation Systems and Customer Reviews

Selected Publications

Theodoros Lappas and Apostolos Filippas
Strength in Numbers:
Can Big Data eliminate the need for complex opinion-mining algorithms?

Winter Conference on Business Intelligence, 2015


Yaonan Zhang, Theodoros Lappas, Mark Crovella, Eric Kolaczyk
Online ratings: convergence towards a positive perspective?



Theodoros Lappas, Mark Crovella and Evimaria Terzi
Selecting a Characteristic Set of Reviews
SIGKDD 2012(Acceptance Rate:18%)

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Theodoros Lappas
Fake Reviews: The Malicious Perspective
NLDB 2012 (Acceptance Rate for Full papers: 13%)



Theodoros Lappas, George Valkanas, and Dimitrios Gunopulos
Efficient and Domain-Invariant Competitor Mining
SIGKDD 2012 (Acceptance Rate:18%)

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Theodoros Lappas and Evimaria Terzi
Toward a Fair Review Management System
ECML/PKDD 2011(Acceptance Rate: 20%)



Theodoros Lappas and Dimitrios Gunopulos
Efficient Confident Search in Large Review Corpora
ECML/PKDD 2010 (Acceptance Rate:18%)