Workforce Analytics and Team Formation

Behzad GolshanTheodoros Lappas, and Evimaria Terzi
Profit-Maximizing Cluster Hires 
SIGKDD 2014 – (Acceptance Rate:15%)

Aris Gionis, Theodoros Lappas, and Evimaria Terzi
Estimating Entity Importance via Counting Set Covers 
SIGKDD 2012 – (Acceptance Rate:18%)

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Theodoros LappasKun Liu and Evimaria Terzi
A Survey of Algorithms and Systems for Expert Location in Social Networks 
Book chapter from Social Network Data Analytics, pages 215-242, 2011
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Theodoros LappasKun Liu and Evimaria Terzi
Finding a Team of Experts in Social Networks
SIGKDD 2009 – (Acceptance Rate:21%)